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May 28th, 2004

Certain Events


Because of certain events my journal will now be friends only.
Want to read my journal? Get an account and ask me to add you to my friends list.

I understand there are immature, pea brained people who just like to read this journal to bash me in their head and spread rumors. Which is highly immature. Also they have seemed to like to make a big deal out of little things (there is such a thing as venting....Where people say things they don't really mean, and you as the reader do get the right to read it if it's a public entry but you also have to realize that it was venting...) Half the stuff on here is just me venting, and shouldn't be taken as much more. Although I know that there are many people who for some reason have gotten this address and like to make this thing out to more than it actually is. Learn from this experience, grow up and have a nice day.
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